New England Keyboard, Inc. (NEK) is an ITAR registered U.S. manufacturer with on-staff Electrical, Material, Mechanical, and Quality Engineers. At our factory in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, we have complete screen printing, die cutting, laser cutting, PCB wave solder and SMT, cable assembly, and adhesive membrane switch assembly capabilities. Using our U.S. facilities and/or our 34 ITAR licensed factories in Taiwan, we can design and manufacture any of the following products and components:


Full Travel Keyboards

Rugged, reliable, and designed to meet the most demanding applications and environments.

Silicone Rubber Keypads

Rugged, short stroke, custom silicone rubber keypads offer substantial design flexibility.

Key Panels, Assemblies, & Terminals

We design and manufacture terminals, key panels, stand-alone products, and higher level subassemblies.

Ruggedized & Military

ITAR registered and manufactured products used by the Military or in very harsh environments.

Membranes & Membrane Switches

Custom flat panel membrane switches, with special solvent resistant textured overlays, will stand up to the harshest environments.

Complete List of Products

See our complete list of products and capabilities.

Kapton Cables & FFC Assemblies

Helps reduce costs, weight, meet dynamic flexing requirements, and eliminate connectors, thereby increasing reliability and repeatability.


Rugged Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) and Liquid Crystal Modules (LCMs) for a variety of demanding applications.

Cast Metal Components

Variety of casting methods and materials to guarantee you the most cost effective approach based on individual applications.

Touch Panel Displays

Our standard touch panels are smart modules with integrated LCM displays and touch screens.

Molded Plastic Parts

Specialized to design your component to take advantage of plastic material’s inherent strengths and accommodate their weaknesses.

Conflict Minerals Policy

NEK complies with the requirements of the SEC’s Conflict Minerals rule. To view our policy on Conflict Minerals, click here.